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Size: 8"-10" W, 7"-9" H
Wood: redwood or cedar
Hide: elk, deer, or horse

  • The bittyBOOM! is perfect for traveler or beginner.
  • Portable and extremely durable.
  • Mostly high tones
bittyBoom! Sizes

miniBOOM! Our best seller!

Size: 13"-14" wide, 8"-12" long.
Wood: redwood or cedar
Hide: elk, deer, or horse

  • Portable & affordable
  • mid-range drum with bass and tone.
  • Play with hands for conga-like sound, or play with sticks for impact and volume.
  • Anyone can carry and play these drums.
miniBoom! Sizes

*** Drum Maker's Favorite ***

Size: 16"-18" wide, 12"-16" long.
Wood: cedar or redwood
Hide: elk, cow, or horse

  • This is the original BOOM! drum
  • Great all-around bass drum
  • Portable, great for parties
bigBoom! Sizes

*** For Serious BOOM!ing***

$200 & up

Size: 20"-34" wide, 14"-20" long and up
Wood: cedar
Hide: elk or cow

  • There is NO substitute for the window-shaking, dance-making BOOM! delivered by a megaBOOM!
  • Please contact us for more details.

 Small megaBoom! $200

For larger sizes, please contact us directly regarding exact dimensions & prices.